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    Chemical Peelings

    Chemical Peelings

    Chemical Peelings

    Chemical peels is more accurate and arguably more effective treatment and it is safe way to reduce dark spots as well as other issues like sun damage and wrinkles. It is giving the glowing appearance after the chemical peel. Scars and discoloration can have a reduced appearance with regular chemical peels. The chemical peel will give your facial skin a more even tone, improved texture and hydration. It helps removing the dead skin cells and helps the peel to penetrate better. Chemical peel on Back, Neck, Underarm, knee, elbow, etc can reduce the appearance of back acne sweat, dirt, and sebum clog the pores. It also lessens the appearance of acne scars and brightens the skin. Additionally, the treatment promotes collagen production for a more rejuvenated appearance. It removes the upper layers of the skin so the skin that grows back becomes smoother and brighter. you may need several sessions to get the desired results when there is excessive pigmentation in desired area.

    01_Skin Lightening Treatment_03

    Skin Lightening Treatment

    02_De Pigmento Peel_03

    De-Pigmento Peel



    04_Party Peel_03

    Party Peel

    05_Back Peel_03

    Back Peel

    06_Under Arm Peel_03

    Under Arm Peel

    07_Knee Peel_03

    Knee Peel

    08_Elbow Peel_03

    Elbow Peel

    Chemical Peelings 3

    Neck Peel